“Damn, y’all are sassy. I like it.”


We are Kelly and Brittany.

We are twenty-somethings with Master’s degrees, adult jobs, and mini-obsessions with various unattainable men. They’re predominately hockey players and musicians, so y’all understand, right?

We like trivia, froyo, concerts, and people that use proper grammar. We also apparently like to treat first blog posts as if we are filling out a profile on an online dating site. What am I doing? Getting off topic. Ok, follow along to learn the story of wine&vinegar.

The Who + The Trip

Kel and B. A girl from Georgia and a lady from Tennessee. We instantly bonded over our love for common sense, sarcasm, good music, and happy hour. $1 Miller High Life, anyone? …Anyone? Ms. Kelly, the Atlanta native, took her adventurous butt up to the amazing city of Chicago where she now trudges through the snow to get to her ballin’ job at a fancy schmancy university. And I, Brittany, work for a nonprofit that has been contracted out in the sometimes fun, all the time scary, city of Memphis, home of the Delta Blues. We met in Oxford, Mississippi and, just over one year ago, we packed up my car and headed south to New Orleans. Our lives and our friendship were never the same.

Let me save you some time and provide a brief(ish) summary of those four days: IMG_6134We arrive in New Orleans and, within 15 minutes of walking around, I see a man pop up from behind a dumpster after very clearly snorting something up his nose. Off to a good start. We eat our first meal (crawfish, obviously) and drink our first beers in Something Else Cafe. We roam around Bourbon St. that night, eat a delicious dinner, and receive our first sets of beads from lesbians (they were given, not earned). We are on top of the world. End of day one. Day two starts and we walk to Urban Outfitters, the store that satisfies our little hipster souls. Walking to Urban Outfitters we pass the House of Blues, so Kelly looks up who is playing that night. It is an artist that I had actually brought to her attention about a month earlier, but she blew her off. It was ZZ Ward. $15 for a ticket? Sold. We buy tickets, eat lunch, drink some more, then head to our hotel to get ready. Fast-forward a few hours and we are at the House of Blues waiting for the opening acts to start. Emily Kopp is first and she is great. She plays, we are having fun, and then BOOM. That was the sound of our minds being blown by band numero dos.

The Wild Feathers.

Have you ever discovered something and, upon it entering your life, you wonder how you ever lived without it? Too dramatic? Maybe. But that is how we feel about this band. There will be a post about them at some point, so I will keep moving along. However, it’s important to know they sing a song called, “Wine and Vinegar”. Sound familiar? After WF,
we regroup enough to enjoy ZZ Ward and she is uh-mazing. LITRALLY the best $15 we have ever spent. If you don’t get that Parks and Recreation reference, please stop reading this and go watch that show. After leaving HOB, we venture across the street to a bar where we get delicious pizza that was sprinkled with parmesan cheese (read “crack”). I ate it in fifteen seconds flat. We then did something that resembled walking over to our favorite bar, Famous Door, where we met boys who we now refer to as “The Children”. They were on the lower end of the “acceptable dating age” spectrum. We did not care. End of day two.

Day three. We stayed in bed until 4pm watching classic American television, Maury, because we were freaking hungover tired! We ate dry bagels, regained some energy, ate Mexican pizza and drank $2 margaritas, and headed off to find our new friends, The Children. We found them at this hole in the wall, Last Call, took someIMG_6253 shots,and headed back to our place, Famous Door. A couple hours and a few beers later, Kelly is beating the shit out of my shoulder. Why? Joey Fatone has just been spotted and 14-year-old Kelly is about to piss her pants. Next thing you know, Mr. N*SYNC is somewhat reluctantly posing for a picture with us. The rest of the night was boring compared to that. End of day three.

Lastly, day four. Exhaustion and beignets. The end of the trip, but the beginning of the next 365 days that would be spent reliving and shaping our friendship around those memories.

The Why

You have just read a very brief description of who we are and the trip that helped slingshot our friendship into something special. So why? Why this blog? Well that one is easy. We have fun, we make each other laugh, we make other people laugh, and we have opinions and interests to share. We like to try new things, we like to have little adventures, and we like to read other blogs. So, why not write our own?

We will even make you a little promise. 

We, Brittany and Kelly, do solemnly swear that this blog will never contain anything resembling overdone lists like “25 Ways You Know You’re An Adult”. You know how we know we are adults? Jobs, bills, not being able to sleep past 8am, being too tired to go out Friday AND Saturday night, and weddings. Boom. 5 reasons and y’all know what we are talking about.

What more could you ask for?! Just two girls and their shenanigans, combined with a little dry humor and cuss words.

We are Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. We are Sears Tower and Graceland. We are deep dish pizza and barbecue. We are best friends, as confirmed by several BuzzFeed quizzes. We are two peas in a pod. We are sweet and sour.

We are wine&vinegar.