“And now we’re coming to that unsure, thrilling, devastating moment in our lives. We’re both going off in our own directions, no longer able to follow one another, or happen to be in the same city out of convenience or further delaying of adulthood. We have to get on with things, and take the jobs offered to us, and start putting down roots in places that make sense for what we want. And those places are not the same. We don’t live just down the street from one another, and we can’t cut out weeks of time to go on trips like we used to. Our lives demand — as most lives do, with any measure of success — that we separate.”A Love Letter to A Best Friend

We are two girls that fate brought together in the small town of Oxford, MS. We are two girls that appreciate good music, good beer, and good football games. Based on that last sentence, we are two girls that should’ve been born boys, but have settled for dominating our role as women. Most importantly, we are two girls that are making our way into adulthood in separate cities, albeit reluctantly. Oh…we also met Joey Fatone once in New Orleans on a random Tuesday. That’s a really important part of our story.

This blog is nothing more than tales of shenanigans in Chicago, the mischief goin’ down in Memphis, and what happens when we manage to find ourselves in the same city. Added bonus: we are both pretty funny, assuming you like sarcasm and honesty.

Enjoy, y’all.



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